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The Surf Girl Handbook

Improve Your Surfing with The Surf Girl Handbook! Surfing isn’t an easy sport to learn, so whether you’re a complete beginner or a standout ripper at your local break, the updated Surf Girl Handbook will really help you to improve. 

The essential guide to surfing, The Surf Girl Handbook has been updated for 2017. Packed with priceless information, it’s an essential reference for any surf girl. The book breaks down key manoeuvres into easy-to-understand sections, with tips on surfing etiquette, motivation, technique, fitness, diet, travel, equipment and swell prediction. Take these surfing tips on board and you’ll be able to surf better, for longer. 

The Surf Girl Handbook is an inspiring guide full of motivational advice. It’s like having your own personal surf instructor, lifestyle coach and fitness guru all in one book! 

Would make a great gift for beginner and intermediate surfers. 

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