The Coconut Bee - Life Balm

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The Coconut Bee - Life Balm 60ml

Organic ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Cruelty Free ~ Plastic Free

The no nonsense all rounder for those on the go. Life Balm is a great versatile product that works amazing on bruises to dry skin, chapped lips to scars. This miracle balm does the lot . Specially developed to hydrate whilst promoting healing this all natural organic blend will be your new backpack essential.

Key Ingredients

  • Rosehip - Reduces Wrinkles, Dark Spots & Fades Scars. Soothes Irritation & Brightens Skin.
  • Cedarwood Oil - Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Fungal, Natural Insect Repellent. Reduces Scars and Acne. Natural Deodorant. Relieves Arthritis. 
  • Sandalwood Oil - Firms Skin & Relieves Stress
  • Carrot Seed Oil - Anti-Septic. Reduces Skin Damage and Promotes Cell Rejuvenation.
  • Jojoba Oil Alleviates Dry Chapped Skin, Reduces Redness & Promotes Skin Repair. 

Hand crafted on the Cornish coast. The Coconut Bee offers a fresh and unique organic range of 100% natural beauty alternatives hand tailored for coastal living.

'Our Ingredients are Natural, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free. We believe that life is full of choices. We choose to create products with zero chemicals. A range not tested on animals, that contains only ingredients from sustainable and fair trade sources. One with no palm oil or microbeads. We choose a clear conscience.' 


For dry skin apply freely & liberally. For scars and bruises apply a small amount to the affected area. (We do not recommend applying to open wounds)

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women without the consent of a doctor. 

 This Product is for external use only (Please don't eat me!)

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