• SurfGirl Issue 72

SurfGirl Issue 72

SurfGirl Issue 72 - The Positivity Issue

We take a peek into surfers backyards, and find out how they are reconnecting with their local areas and communities. We talk to some entrepreneurial women who have gone it alone in the surf industry and forged their own paths. So, be inspired. If the usual career options arent available to you right now, see this time as an opportunity; a time to stop, rethink and reset your own path. We also take a look at ways to say healthy and balanced during these times with tips on positive mental healthy, immune busting and fitness. 

Most of all, we still believe in the wonder of a beautiful surf session, the discovery of a rarely surfed wave, and the joy of sharing waves with friends. Whatever is going on in the world, theres still magic in the ocean, so lets embrace it. 

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