Amazing Waves

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Amazing Waves

Amazing Waves is a stunning coffee table book which captures the beauty and majesty of ocean waves.

Dive into the world of waves with this stunning selection of aquatic images from the world’s leading salty lensmen. Learn about the processes that create the bands of oceanic energy that can travel thousands of miles before ending their journeys in such visually arresting fashion, how they’re forecast and what we need to do to protect them.

It features the work of the world's best surf photographers including Chris Burkard, Ryan Miller, Andrew Chisholm , Ben Thouard, Josh Tabone, Rodd Owen, Timo Jarvinen, Roger Sharp, Alan van Gysen, Bastien Bonnarme, Andrew Shield, Laurent Pujol, Damian Davila, Trent Slatter, Marcus Paladino, Mike Lacey, Helio Antonio and Zak Noyle. Published by Orca Publications and edited by Roger Sharp. The photos in Amazing Waves are guaranteed to thrill anyone with a love of the ocean. 


"I got both of my books in Colorado yesterday. And they are truly a gorgeous addition to my coffee table! Thank you so much for these, I've wanted a really nice ocean coffee table book for a couple of years now. And this is exactly what I wanted!!"
Jason Bierz 

"Just got mine. Well done! What a great book for the price, thank you."
JR Kottom

"Just received last night. The book looks amazing, just as expected!"

"Book is fantastic"
Nigel Somerville

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