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Bucket List Map

What's on your Bucket List?

From the people that brought you the 'Surf Trip Map' we have the new Bucket List Map! Entertaining insights and info about all the cool surf spots in the world and more. It's a great gift.

Illustrated world map of the most awesome destinations on Planet Earth, from big-name spots to little-known gems.

Planet Earth has so much to offer but today's maps don't do it justice. Maps should give you more than political boundaries and numbered roads. So Awesome Maps show you the world how you want to see it through detailed hand drawn illustration, useful info and a whole lot more.

High quality map printed on thick art paper with coating for re-writability. It comes in a sturdy tube printed with the features of the map on it. Perfect for the traveller in your life!

Size of map - 97.5cm  x 56cm 

  • £ 22.99 GBP