• Natural Deodorant in Persian Lime by Ben & Anna

Natural Deodorant in Persian Lime by Ben & Anna

A 100% vegan and cruelty free deodorant which offers reliable protection against body odour and sweat.

This natural deodorant has a fresh, zesty fragrance and contains plant and seed oils to keep underarm skin dry and smelling fresh all day. 

Made with natural ingredients and without the use of chemicals, it is good for your skin and the planet.

It has a solid consistency due to the shea butter meaning it glides on smoothly, and leaves the skin feeling great without being greasy or sticky and without the use of chemical stabilisers.

Ethically made in the Netherlands without the use of chemicals and packaged in a 100% biodegradable cardboard tube - making it 100% plastic free. 

As a strictly vegan couple Ben and Anna have always paid close attention to what they consumed. Their purchasing habits have always predominantly consisted of products from sustainable and / or organic sources believing in the power of nature.

✓ Certified Natural

✓ Protects against moisture and odor

✓ Non greasy or sticky

✓ Aluminium, PEG’s, Paraben and Phthalate Free

✓ 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

✓ Plastic Free


Directions: To apply, push up bottom of the tube with the thumb and then rub a thin layer of our deodorant under the arms.

  • £ 9.99 GBP