Ocean Boheme 'High Tides' Adjustable Ring (size I 1/2-L 1/2) #25

This beautiful handcrafted ring is adjustable in size, making it a great gift or ideal if you're unsure of your ring size. The sterling silver band has a hammered effect to represent the ripples of the ocean. Embellished with a shiva's eye shell on one side and an amazonite gemstone on the other. 

The amazonite is said to filter stresses and negative energies, bringing calm to the wearer whilst representing the ocean. 

In India the shiva's eye shell is known for awakening a sense of adventure, change and eliminating fear. The shell also connects the wearer to the Pacific Ocean where they are from. 

Ring Size US 4.75 - 6.25   /   UK I 1/2 - L 1/2 

Océan Bohème founder Sara is U.K. based and has designed her jewels for ocean loving girls. Each of her pieces are unique and are inspired from travels to tropical islands, diving exotic reefs and surfing far flung waves. They are intended to connect the wearer to the ocean wherever the wearer may be. 

An original and exciting piece of jewellery.

Please note: each piece is unique and may not be repeated again. 
  • £ 55.00 GBP