• Roxy 'Blizzard Collar Neck Warmer in Heather Grey

Roxy 'Blizzard Collar Neck Warmer in Heather Grey

The Roxy Blizzard Collar is the perfect accessory for when the weather drops. Made from 100% acrylic knit and lined with polar fleece, the Blizzard Collar will keep your neck and face warm during the winter.

Freezing cold temperatures and icy air can seriously dehydrate vulnerable and sensitive areas of skin such as the face and neck, leaving them dry and irritated. The Blizzard Collar integrates Roxy's HydroSmart® moisturising system into the fabric to avoid dry, chapped skin in cold, wet conditions. The all-organic formula helps to calm and protect your skin so that you can enjoy winter without the cold temperatures affecting your skin.

Whether you're heading to the mountains or just need something for the winter at home, the Roxy Blizzard Collar guarantees to keep you warm whilst protecting your face from wind, snow and rain.
  • Diagonal Cable Knit

  • Polar Fleece Lined

  • 100% Acrylic

  • Roxy's HydroSmart® Technology

  • One size 
    • £ 32.00 GBP