• Shooting The Curl
  • Shooting The Curl

Shooting The Curl

Shooting the Curl

The Best Surfers, the Best 15 of the Best Surf Photographers
by Chris Power

Surf photographers are the unsung heroes of surfing. They do crazy things to get the shots that fill the pages of the world's top surfing magazines. Some risk life and limb shooting the action at deadly reefs like Teahupoo and Pipeline. Some lose themselves in the Arctic for months, braving sub-zero temperatures for the chance to score a perfect day at some remote point. Some drive hundreds of miles along potholed tracks in war-torn countries like Angola and Namibia, searching for pristine unridden breaks.

Shooting The Curl showcases the work of 15 top surf photographers and gets the inside story on the surfers and waves that inspire them. Loaded with incredible images, this is a book for every surfer who loves great photos of top surfers and amazing waves.


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