St Eval Sea Salt Tinned Candle

£ 9.50 GBP

St Eval Sea Salt Tinned Candle

Bring the ocean breeze to your home, we love these gorgeous Sea Salt fragrance tin candles.

Handmade by St Eval candles, the Sea Salt candles have a unique blend of ozonic and citrus scents which are reminiscent of the ocean and the addition of mossy undertones evokes the sensation of fresh sea breezes. 

Sit back and enjoy a burn time of about 45 hours. 

Perfect for a post surf chill, to give your house a beach house vibe or as a lovely gift for someone.

80mm diameter x 80mm height. 

St Eval Candles specialise in the art of traditional candle making and create their own unique blends of wax and fragrance to ensure a consistent aroma, superior burn quality and beautiful appearance. The waxes are a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes and are blended together to achieve a mix that gives superior performance, stability and reliability, and a fabulous scent throw. The wax used is of a 'food grade' quality (not that we suggest eating it!) and does not contain any animal products.

These candles are produced using sustainable energy via wind, solar and biomass to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. They're made on a farm, which is a wonderful haven for wildlife and inspiration for new products and fragrances.  

Other Sea Salt scented items are available, click here

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