• Stainless Steel Straws 4-Pack by Cheeki

Stainless Steel Straws 4-Pack by Cheeki

  • £ 12.99 GBP


Millions of plastic straws are used once then disposed of every single day across the world. Most of these are thrown straight into the bin, will never be recycled and will end up in our oceans, harming the amazing creatures in it.

This amazing kit contains 4 sleek stainless steel straws: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Black and comes with a cotton pouch for safe storage and a brush to keep your straws clean.  

These straight drinking straws have a rounded mouthpiece for safe and comfortable sipping. 

"At Cheeki we're committed to sharing the #noexcuseforsingleuse message through our range of stainless steel reusable products. A stainless steel straw may seem like a drop in the ocean but by swapping single-use for reusable stainless steel, collectively we can save millions of plastic straws from ending up in our beautiful ocens and from harming precious marine life."

  • Each pack contains four straws, cleaning brush and carry bag.
  • The straws feature a unique, rounded mouth piece for safe & comfortable sipping.
  • Everything you need for sipping your favourite drink anytime.
  • The perfect alternative to plastic straws.
  • BPA & toxin free.
  • Dishwasher-safe. Scratch & rust proof.