• SurfGirl 'Journey Further' Patch

SurfGirl 'Journey Further' Patch

SurfGirl 'Journey Further' Patch

Check out the new Surf Girl Patch designed exclusively by our SurfGirl team. 

This 8cm embroidered patch will look great when sewn onto denim jeans, shorts or a jacket to create a unique wardrobe piece. 

8cm x 5.5cm

The Journey Further collection was the brainchild of our designer Rosie Mars who was inspired by the changing seasons. As summer came to an end and the colder months beckoned, meaning less time at the beach and in the surf and more time indoors, Rosie came up with the concept of Journey Further. 
“The idea behind Journey Further is about taking that extra indoor time to reflect and journey further in ourselves both in and out of the water,” explains beach babe Rosie, “Whether this is progressing in surfing or in making positive change in our roads through life. And of course it’s about making that journey further to get just a little bit more summer in our lives”.
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