SurfGirl Subscription with 'San Diego' Surf Bracelet

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SurfGirl Subscription with 'San Diego' Surf Bracelet

Get a SurfGirl subscription that's four issues a year plus a 'San Diego' Surf Bracelet.

SurfGirl is the number one beach lifestyle and surf mag in the world.

Subscribe to a year’s subscription and get it delivered straight to your door - anywhere in the world. That’s four issues of interviews, fun, inspiration, creative ideas, surfing tips and all the news and travel stories. 

SurfGirl is published four times a year in March, May, July and November.

What are you waiting for - jump on board!

Subscribe today and the first issue you receive will be our new issue - Issue 68.

Please select your location from the drop down menu above - charges vary due to postage costs. 

Pineapple Island San Diego Surf Bracelet

Get the summer beach vibe with the San Diego Surf Bracelet and get layering. The more bracelets the better!

Plaited bracelets are best worn in a cluster. Great for wearing everyday. Adjustable cord to fit all wrist sizes.

  • Adjustable cord band to fit all wrist sizes
  • Suitable to wear in and out of the sea
  • Perfect for everyday wear

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