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‘Surf Travel: The Complete Guide'

The surf travellers bible, Surf Travel: The Complete Guide features the best travel destinations around the world with foreword by three times world champion Mick Fanning. 

Packed with stunning photos from the world’s best photographers, tips from pro surfers, practical advice, advice for travelling safely and essential up-to-date information for surfers. With 224 pages stacked with amazing images and tips, it’s been updated with an additional three cold water surf destinations Norway, Iceland and Canada. 

Edited by Roger Sharp the editor of Carve surfing magazine and well respected world class photographer and video maker.

The book features classic and off the beaten surf destinations.

1. Find out where to surf on the Arctic Circle

2. Discover off the beaten track surf destinations in west Africa

3. Meet the legends of surf travel

4. Coldwater surf destinations from Norway to Canada.

5. Beyond Bali - the lure of Indonesia

6. Pacific islands paradise locations

7. Discover road trips and wave pools.

8. Plus the classic surf destinations from Australia to Europe and beyond.

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