• Tegen Jewellery -   Ariel Lapis Ring

Tegen Jewellery - Ariel Lapis Ring


For the mermaid princess who revels in the blue, the Lapis Lazuli stone, with its deep celestial blue has long been sought after as a symbol of royalty and the Gods. A stone unlocking understanding, wisdom and harmony, Lapis Lazuli set in the sophisticated 3x2mm D-wire ring; made in sterling silver.

The sterling silver 'Anahita' rings comes with a polished finish and features a 5mm Lapis Lazuli stone. 

Please note - each piece is handmade so may vary slightly.


Small can range between a J, K, L

Medium can range between M, N, O

Large can range between P, Q, R


  • £ 38.00 GBP
  • £ 50.00 GBP