The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness

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The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness will improve your surfing to the best you can achieve!

This Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness book will help improve your surfing, as well as your health and confidence.

Getting surf fit is a great first step to learning what is a hard sport to master and this book will help you achieve that.

Fitness will help improve your surfing, making you toned, fit and strong to take on the challenges of surfing. It will also help with injury prevention.

The fitness regimes listed in the Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness will help you stay surf fit even if you are landlocked and have to wait for your next trip to the ocean. If you’re serious about surfing then a dedicated fitness plan will help you reach your goals and increase your performance providing you with an excellent level of fitness.

The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness brings together experts in fitness and wellbeing to offer a training regime from beginners all the way to pros. The guides in this surf fitness book covers everything from exercise workouts, stretching and flexibility exercises to core strength and resistance training, suggesting all the equipment you will need. This surf fitness book will also teach you how yoga benefits your surfing through technique and focus and how swim training can help you as well. The Surf Girl Guide To Surf Fitness Book will also look at alternative ways to get fit, there’s no need to join a gym as these exercises can be done at home or at the beach. A balanced diet is one of the key factors in improving your performance, and this book will encourage healthy eating resolutions, tips and recipes in order to energize your body for surfing.

With these fitness techniques, health and wellbeing tips, you will surf longer, faster, better and take your surfing to the next level.



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Customer Reviews

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Shauna Whitford (JPAEDLB)
Great book

Beautifully designed and illustrated, The Surf Girl Guide to Surf Fitness: An inspirational guide to fitness & well-being for girls who surf, is so much more than a book about women’s surf fitness. It is a really useful holistic guide to health and fitness that enables you to understand different approaches to fitness, how they complement each other and enable you to design your own fitness routine. I use this book everytime I workout to help me switch things up a little!