Wylder: A Silent Book

Wylder is the latest silent children’s book by artist and illustrator Maia Walczak where stories are told solely through illustration. 

Wylder’s world is full of wonder. Each day is a chance to meet a new forest friend, each night a chance to wish upon a star. His father Thor works hard do make sure the two of them live happily in the forest. 

This is a quiet tale of the bond between a boy and his father inviting the reader to slow down and reflect with it. An ode to wonder and the wild, and a story of love and loss, this is above all a celebration of gentleness, sensitivity, compassion and connection: to nature, to one another, and to our fellow creatures. 

Maia lives on the North coast of Cornwall in Newquay and is a keen surfer and nature lover, inspired by her surroundings. As a child Maia was raised in London by Polish parents and spent her summer holidays at the woodland cabin built by her grandfather in Poland, which inspired Wylder. 

The book is aimed at over five’s but it is for everyone to be captived by the extraordinary beauty of the book. Maia says, “There are things in this life that speak to us without words, and I hope that the book speaks to at least some people in some way.”
  • £ 6.95 GBP