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  1. Summer Classic Surf Shorts by Rip Curl
  2. Varden Stripe Shorts by Protest
  3. Sidewalk Denim Cargo Jeans by Vans
  4. Surf Revival '24 Track Joggers by Rip Curl
  5. Journey Further Joggers by SurfGirl
  6. Dawn Patrol Joggers by SurfGirl
  7. Seek Adventure Joggers by SurfGirl
  8. Holiday Drawstring Trousers by Rip Curl
  9. On The Seashore Linen Cargo Trousers by Roxy
  10. Re-Entry Shorts by Rip Curl
  11. Prtannick Shorts in Dusky Pink by Protest
  12. Search Icon Walk Short by Rip Curl
  13. Prtflowery Shorts by Protest