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Update your space with our collection of curated pieces inspired by coastal living. From handmade candles with the aroma of the ocean to beautiful woven blankets in coastal inspired colours, natural storage solutions, statement ceramic mugs and original artworks for your wall. You can really bring the beach to your home. 

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  1. Turquoise Tide Mini Glazed Mug
  2. 22%
    Swimmers - Limited Edition Art Print
  3. SurfGirl Beach Boutique Home Decor Interior Scandi Boho Diamond Cotton Textured Cushion
  4. Aqua Shores Glazed Ombre Mug
  5. Ocean Surf Art Print
  6. Midnight Musk Ocean Blue Ombre Glass Candle
  7. Tropical Surfer Girl Art Print
  8. Midnight Pomegranate Blue Glass Jar Candle
  9. Block Print Cushion in Black Triangles
  10. Midnight Seas Glazed Ombre Mug
  11. Surfers in the Sea Art Print
  12. Sand Glazed Ombre Mug
  13. Natural Bohemian Textured Cushion
  14. Coconut Lime Conscious Tinned Candle
  15. SurfGirl Beach Boutique Scandi Boho Bohemian Cotton Blanket Throw Home Interior
  16. Sea Breeze Large Frosted Glass Candle
    Sold Out
  17. Hossegor Girl Art Print
  18. Sea Shell Handmade Soy Wax Candle