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  • over 1000 5-star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Quick delivery & easy returns we are UK based

Books, Calendars & Planners

Dive into the world of endless waves and coastal adventures as we present a curated collection of surfing books, surf trip guides, and tales of invigorating cold water swims. Whether you're a seasoned surfer seeking inspiration or a water enthusiast yearning for the thrill of exploration, our selection promises to transport you to the heart of the surf and sea. Embark on literary journeys that capture the essence of the ocean, inviting you to ride the waves of excitement and discovery.

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  1. Chill: The Cold Water Swim Cure by Mark Harper
  2. Taking the Plunge: The Healing Power of Wild Swimming
  3. Ebb and Flow by Easkey Britton
  4. Saltwater in the Blood by Easkey Britton
  5. Wild Swimming Walks: Cornwall
  6. Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor And South Devon
  7. Epic Surf Breaks of the World by Lonely Planet
  8. Surf and Stay: 7 Road Trips in Europe
  9. One Sketch A Day: A Visual Journal
  10. Positivity For Every Day
  11. 2024 Desk Calendar
  12. Surf Cafe Living: Cooking, Entertaining and Living by the Sea
  13. Surf Travel: The Complete Guide
  14. The Longboard Travel Guide
  15. 'Little Turtle Turns The Tide' Children's Book
  16. Little Turtle Turns The Tide Children's Book PLUS Eco Hero T-Shirt